10 of the Craziest Fandom Feuds That Ever Happened on Social Media

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Thanks to social media, celebrity feuds are now as common as Kim Kardashian‘s nude selfies. Case in point? Well, we’re only in the third month of 2016 and we’ve already seen some of the fiercest feuds between huge stars, including Demi Lovato & Taylor Swift, Kanye West & Amber Rose. But while the drama between these celebrities is always sky high, it doesn’t even compare to the drama between their supporters. One look at a celebrity’s mentions and fan accounts will tell you that hell hath no fury like a group of pissed off fans.

So in short, sparking a heated feud between major fanbases is kind of like starting World War III. For instance, there was that major feud between Harmonizers and Mixers when Little Mix‘s stylist threw shade at Fifth Harmony. And, of course, we can’t forget the epic showdown between Beliebers and Directioners when they found out that both artists would be releasing new albums on the same day. Talk about drama! But, in spite of all the chaos, at the end of the day, these loyal fans proved that they are always going to step up to the plate to defend their favorite stars. Take a look at these 10 bizarre fandom feuds that broke out on social media: