Ezra Fitz’s 7 Absolute Worst Pretty Little Liars Moments of All Time

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Hanna Marin is annoying AF. Aria Montgomery has many ‘WTF?!’ moments. And Ezra Fitz is…basically a pedophile who makes super bad decisions. But don’t hate us too much for bringing this up — we’re just going off what Pretty Little Liars fans on Reddit have to say!

As there was with Aria and Hanna, there’s an entire Reddit thread dedicated to complaining about Ezra’s more infuriating moments throughout the course of PLL; and let us just tell you, there are a lot. So whether you’re a diehard Ezra (slash Ian Harding) lover and are LIVID that people hate him, or simply cannot stand anything about the character, we want to hear from you. Click through the gallery below to see what Reddit users think are Ezra’s worst moments, and then leave a comment down below and share your own thoughts.