W-T-Fashion?! The Worst Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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Usually we eat up the styles that ladies like Emma Roberts and Dakota Fanning tend to wear. But certainly not this week, with the sloppy, unattractive, and just plain crazy outfits they chose to don outside their homes. Ick. And once you lay your eyes on all these ensembs, we swear you’ll be saying, “W-T-Fashion?!”

Ginnifer Goodwin
Poor Ginny. She looks just as depressed about her outfit choice as we are.

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Emma Roberts
Rule to live by: If you ever plan on going shopping while looking a little sloppy,
just make sure you’re shirt isn’t see-through, k?

Emma Roberts, Bad Fashion

Kristen Bell
We love ourselves some shimmery/sequined tops and frilly white dresses.
Except when they’re paired up like they are on KBell.

Kristen Bell, Bad Fashion

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Katy Perry
This outfit would’ve been totally adorbs… if it wasn’t for the awkward
blazing cartoon or whatever it is on the entire bottom half of her dress.

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Tanya Chisholm
When you’re at a premiere for a Nickelodeon made-for-TV movie,
you should try to stay away from a mini that looks like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

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Dakota Fanning
Little Red Riding Hood on top; Cinderella underneath?
Get your fairy tales in order, Dakota!

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We’ve said our piece, now you say yours. Who was the worst of the worst? Would you ever try any of these looks? We hear those comments a’calling!

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