WTFashion? The Worst Dressed Celebrities of the Week

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It’s another three-way fashion faceoff! Or — shall we say? — three-way worst fashion faceoff? Even with the lack of awards shows and celeb-filled events, we still managed to find these diamonds style duds in the rough. Ever heard of the phrase, “You can never go wrong with black?” Yeah, whoever said that didn’t see what Jennifer HudsonLady Gaga and Zoe Kravitz wore this week. Check ’em out for yourself!

Jennifer Hudson
It didn’t look so bad when the wind wasn’t blowing. But after a couple Marilyn Monroe-type shirt lifts, we couldn’t stop staring at JHud’s leopard-print hotpants. Not cute.


Lady Gaga
How impractical is this? She’s wearing a leather jacket full of metallic zippers and platform shoes with never-ending laces… at an airport! That means she’s gonna have to strip down to her skivvies going through security. Hope she didn’t get a pat down.


Zoe Kravitz
Maybe it’s because we’re still not proponents for visible bras and panties. After all, they’re called undergarments for a reason, as in, wearing them under your clothes for no one to see.


Which of the aforementioned celebs is the worst dressed of the week? Are there any looks that you actually kinda like?

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