W-T-Fashion?! The Worst Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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What is going on with Hollywood fashion lately? We know celebrities need their downtime just like everyone else, but even we wouldn’t be caught dead lounging around in some of the garbs we spotted this week. (We’re looking at you, Justin Bieber.) Guess you can’t win ’em all, huh?

So who made us scream “W-T-Fashion?” this week? Let’s start with…

We’re still scratching our heads as to why Snooks may get a boob job.
They’re, like, all we can see in her this-tight, keyhole top.

Minka Kelly
When your TV show gets cancelled and you’re low on cash,
just wear your drapes as a dress like Minka did, obvi.

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Russell Brand
When Russ split from Katy Perry, did he steal one of her scarves? Too fem, Russell. Way too fem.

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Christina Aguilera
The only thing actually “beautiful” about Xtina’s ensemb is her adorbs little boy.
Otherwise this look is just mod-meets-trailer-park.

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Samantha Ronson
The fedora’s a staple for Lindsay Lohan‘s ex, and it works on her.
Yet we just can’t help but get a Pete Wentz vibe from the rest of this hein get-up. Not cute.

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Justin Bieber
Umm… what is this? Does no Selena around mean no swagger?
Because high socks with long denim shorts are ALWAYS a no-go. 

Just Jared

Ashley Tisdale
Is Ash hot or is she cold? Between the sweater and lack of pants,
scarf and sunglasses, we just can’t tell!

Jessica Simpson
We’re not suggesting that Jess stay away from graphic prints just because she’s prego…
Actually, that’s exactly what we’re suggesting. #sorrynotsorry

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Whose look were you most repulsed by? Are there any on this list that we were too harsh to? Did you spot funky outfits on anyone else this week? Go ahead, spill…

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