The 10 Absolute Worst Celebrity Red-Carpet Fashion Moments of 2015

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We cannot believe it — there are only a few weeks left until we kiss 2015 goodbye and say hello to 2016. And, like in years past, while 2015 featured some amazing moments, it also was a time for many celebs to fail hardcore when it came to red-carpet fashion.

Not gonna lie, this year was actually quite tame when it came to worst-dressed stars. No Lady Gaga meat dress, no Kim Kardashian Mrs. Doubtfire floral ensemble — what more could we really ask for?! But, as per usual, many celebrities hit the red carpet thinking they looked all kinds of fab, but really just missed the mark. Like, they were miles away from the mark, if you know what we mean. Click through the gallery below to see our picks for the top 10 WORST celeb fashion moments from 2015, and then leave us a comment and tell us which outfit you think was the most terrible.