7 Disney Channel Couples That Had the Worst Real-Life Breakups Ever

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What sucks the most about celebrity breakups is the fact that you never see them coming. Sure, some of the cutest pairs, like Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens and Bridgit Mendler & Shane Harper, can seem perfectly happy one day and then be officially broken up the next. It’s just insane, but it’s especially unfair to us hopeless romantics who lived vicariously through these famous couples. In our eyes, they were pretty much the perfect models for relationship goals. *sigh*

But anyway, when we were younger, we were particularly obsessed with Disney Channel couples. For example: The mere mention of Hilary Duff & Aaron Carter made us grin like idiots (seriously, they were so cute!). However, we were reminded the hard way that we don’t live in a dream world where couples can stay together forever. When we finally learned about their split and how other famous Disney couples broke up, we took most of them way too personally. And it definitely didn’t help that these guys didn’t end things on a good note… Take a trip with us down memory lane and see which ones went through the worst breakups ever:

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