9 of the Most Ridiculous Crossover Episodes That Nobody Asked For

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I think that people in the television industry think they have more of an understanding of what audiences want to see than we actually, you know, want to see. Anytime I’m reminded that a show called Dog With A Blog existed, I’m reminded of this unfortunate fact. But one of the most underutilized yet memorable of these hokey attempts to tap into what an audience really wants to see is in the crossover episode.

You know, an episode of television that blends two TV shows with the same audience into one episode for no real reason. As silly as they are, we’re still prone to fall for lazy gimmicks. Hell, even when something is stupid, we still want to be entertained. That’s probably how American Horror Story is still on the air, let’s be real.

I know that they’re supposed to be entertaining, but most come across as heavy handed and unnecessary. Here are nine of the most egregious examples that you might have run across while channel surfing:

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