10 Celebrity Clothing Lines That Failed So Hard It’s Embarrassing

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A clever celebrity endorsement can turn an everyday product into an international success. Think about Kylie Jenner‘s lip kit — it wasn’t released that long ago, but it’s already a major hit, all because Kylie’s a killer promoter. She’s constantly tweeting, Instagramming and Snapchatting all about the product line. Not to mention all the promo it gets on her app! Without Kylie, it would just be another makeup brand at Sephora; with her, it’s a worldwide craze. (BTW, even if you haven’t gotten your hands on her kit, you can still nail a Kylie-inspired lip. Just putting that out there.)

That all being said, not every celebrity endorsement is guaranteed gold. Tons of stars get behind products, promote like crazy and end up completely mortified when the products flop. Even more humiliating: when stars actually design the products that fail miserably. Some celebrity fashion lines are million-dollar industries — actually, Jessica Simpson‘s line is worth more than $1 billion! — but others are doomed to fail. We’ve rounded up ten celebrities who tried so hard to make their fashion lines work, but ultimately, everything crashed and burned. Take a look: