12 Talented Celebrities Who’d Be Terrible to Hang Out With in Real Life

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Lena Dunham, self-proclaimed voice of our generation and extremely gifted writer, creator, actor, and producer of the show Girls, celebrated her birthday this week. For as much as I don’t enjoy watching Girls all that much anymore, I do recognize the amount of talent, vision and flat-out hard work that it takes to create something that’s so polarizing in our culture. (A lot.)

You either love Lena or you hate her, and for as insincere as this sounds — I really admire Lena for that. It takes some serious balls to just be yourself, which is why very few people put themselves out there like Lena does.

But that said, just because I admire her work and her work ethic doesn’t mean I want to spend a couple hours with her drinking bubble tea and talking about existential crises. There are plenty of celebrities I’m obsessed with and totally want to meet in real life, just Lena doesn’t happen to be one of them. I feel like we’d have to sit around constantly reaffirming our places in the world to each other and trading complaints about how much our parents love us, y’know?

So bottom line, Lena is right exactly where she should be — on my television. For as talented and great as I think she is, I’m glad to have that little glass barrier dividing us, because my (uninformed) suspicion is that she’d get pretttttty annoying in larger doses. She and the rest of this list have that in common:

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