The 16 Most Effed Up Brother-Sister Relationships on TV

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Brothers and sisters usually have some of the coolest relationships ever, but on TV that’s not always the case. Yes, your average brother-sister duo have their fights and feuds, but when push comes to shove they always have each other’s backs. In the TV world, that is NOT how brothers and sisters act. Well, technically there are still perfect bro-sis relationships on your television screens aka Carly and Spencer from iCarly, but sadly that is no longer the norm.

Instead totally corrupt brothers and sisters are the latest trend and it is SO twisted. With how much inappropriateness happens on Pretty Little Liars, it’s no surprise that there are two bro-sis relationships that are super creepy. To see how NOT to treat your siblings, scroll through our gallery below. PS: Sleeping with your bro or sis is not okay, not matter what TV says.