Worst Boyfriend Ever? Robert Pattinson Forgets Kristen Stewart’s Birthday (Video)

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Ok, so normally if our boyfriend forgot our birthday, we’d be upset and probably not talk to him for days. Actually, we may even break up with him. But if Robert Pattinson was our boyfriend and forgot our birthday? Eh. We’d let it slide. But the question is…will Kristen Stewart? Watch The Insider‘s interview with Rob, Kristen and Taylor Lautner below (they start playing the trivia game about 2:40 in), and tell us if you think he can redeem himself after totally messing up KStew’s big day:

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Haha. We love when he forgets and he’s like, “This is terrible!” Would you be mad if your BF forgot your birthday? Who do you think wins the Twilight trivia contest? Tell us down there!