7 Popular Teen Television Shows That are Actually the WORST

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Do you ever think about aliens coming to our planet long after human beings are extinct, and what they’ll find and what conclusions they’ll jump to about our society based on those artifacts? While we can hope that what they find is the best-of-the-best of our culture: Monet’s paintings, One Direction albums and some wholesome TV show like Friday Night Lights; what they’ll dig up is probably going to be some entirely different things.

If we had to guess, aliens are probs gonna find the worst-of-the-worst of modern life: you know, garbage-cubes sold as art for $100, a Lindsay Lohan album and the following TV programs, which, according to Reddit, are some of the WORST (albeit, popular) teen television series of all time. Just remember while scrolling through, we are not the ones who labeled them as such… we are simply the messengers!