13 of Your Favorite Female Stars Who Had the WORST First Kisses… Ever!

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Stars — they’re literally just like us! While normal folks like us didn’t have to have our first kisses while surrounded by 50+ people and filming a TV show, it’s safe to say we still had our fair share of obstacles to overcome when it came to locking lips for the first time. Many our first-time smooch stories are far from romantic. In fact, sometimes they can be downright cringeworthy!

Sure, Taylor Swift had a lovely first kiss with a guy she ended up dating for over a year, and Zac Efron was dared to kiss anyone in a room full of girls which left him feeling “pretty stoked,” but they are definitely the exception, not the rule. Because if there’s one thing that the majority of human beings on this planet can agree on, it’s probably that first kisses are the effing worst, and totally, completely uncomfortable. The 13 gals on this list would have to agree, at least: