11 Popular YouTube Beauty Gurus Who Are Actually the Worst

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The beauty community is a HUGE one on YouTube. While people used to simply film themselves putting on makeup as a hobby, gurus have since turned their channels into major brands, some even getting their own makeup line as a result. But while YouTubers like Zoe Sugg, MannyMua and Jaclyn Hill have tens of millions of combined fans and are arguably some of the most recognizable faces from the site, they still have haters trying to bring them down every single day.

Even though people can easily express their opinions on social media, Reddit is a place for them to come together to talk in depth about any given subject at any give time. We scoured the site for threads regarding annoying/hated YouTube beauty gurus, and the results were surprising — there were TONS of posts in which strangers bonded over their mutual dislike for some online stars, but the main non-faves were pretty consistent. How many do you agree with?