What the World Would Be Like Without Taylor Swift

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As you have seen, a world without Ed Sheeran would SUCK big time. How could we live sans his sweet tunes?? But for this edition of The World Without, we're switching gears to his Red tourmate, Taylor Swift. Would it blow as hard as a life minus the singer behind "The A Team?" Let's find out…

The world would not know the magic of "Everything Has Changed."

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Glitter would never get as much time on the red carpet…

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…or polka dots on the street.

Taylor Swift, Polka Dots

Curly-haired chicks wouldn't have as big of an icon.

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Red lipstick would drop in sales.

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The number 13 would still be seen as bad luck mainly.

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Audiences would see less dance moves like these:

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Furthermore, Selena Gomez would not have as interesting of a partner in crime.

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Joe Jonas wouldn't be known as a wimp for breaking up with a chick via voicemail.

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And, finally, those hate songs we're all accustomed to would never have come into existence.

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