What the World Would Be Like Without Justin Bieber

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We know it's hard to imagine a world where Justin Bieber never existed. At this point, he's only been around for, like, five years, but we can barely remember a time before his presence. Whether you're a fan of his or not, here's what life would be like without the Biebs:

Mop buckets would not make headlines.


"Swaggie" would not have been coined.


Lil Twist and Lil Za would've had to mooch off of some other young and naive star.


Bieber impersonators would be regular people.

Tumblr (gleekproject)

We'd still be saying 'never.'

The Justin Bieber Shrine

This selfie expression would not be known:

Instagram (@justinbieber)

Who would Austin Mahone be compared to? Cody Simpson? Ryan Beatty? Not the same…

Instagram (@austinmahone)

Hammer pants would probably not've made a comeback. (Not that they made much of one even with the Biebs' help.)


Miley Cyrus would dominate controversial headlines (since she and JB are kinda 50/50 now when it comes to young stars).

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And who knows if we'd even have The Lolly Dance.

Tumblr (jstindrw)

Finally, most notably, the world would never have known his signature hair flip.


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