What the World Would Be Like Without Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence is probably one of the most GIFable celebrities human beings on the planet. (See here for example.) So it's hard to imagine what the world would be like without the Oscar-winning actress. Would The Hunger Games even be as big of a deal right now? To find out, we're breaking down what life sans the funny girl would be like via GIFs:

First off, we wouldn't know her undeniable sense of humor.


You'd feel like the only weird person in the world because there are no other celebrities that are as socially awkward (but not in a Kristen Stewart kinda way) and lovable at the same time.

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It's possible that you never would've thought the nickname for Peeta & Katniss was inapprops.


Food would just be this thing that you came across every so often at the kitchen table.

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Mean Girls would never have gotten a nod by an Academy Award-winner.

Tumblr (your-teenage-dirtbag-boy)

No one ever would've told Meryl Streep who's boss.


Bodily fluids and undergarments would not get as much airtime.

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This poor family might've never gotten hit by a car for the worst reason ever.

Curious Karen

The world would've never seen facial talent like this:

The FW

And, finally, our thoughts on body image would be completely different.

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Jennifer Lawrence talks being naked in X-Men: Days of Future Past!

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