What the World Would Be Like Without Books (Expressed in GIFs)

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Imagine a world without books…

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Although we love ourselves a good TV show or movie, books are seriously where it's at. Sure, there were those lost years where we forgot to pick up a book because we thought we were too cool for school or couldn't find the time and all that jazz, but we just can't imagine going through life without 'em at this point. Heck, we wouldn't even know who these YA authors are — blasphemy! To show you how dull and desolate the world would be without literature, we've got some GIF help:

Like we said, the world would be incredibly boring. What would you do with all that extra time?

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Binge-watch TV or play video games all night long, perhaps?


There would be a serious lack of imagination.

Taylor Swift

Plus you'd have to say goodbye to intelligence…

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…'cause the world will be overrun by technology.

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That means Hermione would not be the Hermione we all fell in love with.


Actually, come to think of it… Pretty much all of your favorites would cease to exist.

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So life would be sans the Harry Potter kids.

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No Katniss Everdeen.


Clary and Jace? Tris and Four? Who are they?

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Basically, the world would go mad.

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So long live reading!

E.M. Bowman

Sincerely, a self-professed book lover

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