What the World Would Be Like Without Ariana Grande

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No need to fret, Arianators — Ariana Grande is safe and sound. However, just like we did for Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus in the weeks before, we figured out what the world would be like without her. Join us for the (depressing) ride below, then tell us what you'd miss most about the "Baby I" singer if she didn't exist in the comments!

There would've been no one to ask the hard-hitting questions on Victorious

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…or to say what everyone else thinks, but would never say out loud.

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Jennette McCurdy would be without her BFF…

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…thereby eliminating the possibility of Sam & Cat's existence.


Style would obviously suffer as there'd be no young celebrities wearing cutesy mini-dresses.

What Talking

The Janoskians may've otherwise been a blip on our radar.


There'd be no baby Mariah Carey

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…or respectable Justin Bieber covers…

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…or *gasp* Nariana!

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Ultimately, the music world would suffer (as would the rest of the world).

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SPOTTED: Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes kissing in London!

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