From Our BFFS: Wanna See the Best Adele Covers on Youtube?

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Ya know how there’s been approximately 752,036 covers of Adele‘s “Rolling in the Deep” since the song came out last year? Well now you can watch the best of the best covers, all in one vid. We see you, Ariana Grande!

Look! Big Time Rush performed on Ellen! And they look hot! As per usual! [J-14]

What do you do when you have as much money as Justin Bieber? Donate money to your local skate park, of course. [Cambio]

Speaking of mulah, we don’t really understand how certain celebs can’t afford a hairbrush. We’re talking to you, Russell Brand! [gURL]

Wasn’t it just last week that Ashley Tisdale was dating that guy from Boys Like Girls? Well, now she’s holding hands with some other unfamous dude! [Hollywire]


Are Rihanna and Chris Brown secretly hooking up? For her sake, we seriously hope the answer is “no…” [Wetpaint]

When it comes to cougars, Jennifer Lopez takes the cake. Her new boyfriend is 17 years younger than her! [Posh24]

Kevin McHale aka Artie spills on the upcoming Glee Michael Jackson ep and Artie’s, um, poor taste in fashion… [HuffPost High School]

The DVD for Breaking Dawn: Part 1 has an official release date! Oh, and a DVD party to boot… [Just Jared Jr.]

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