8 Working Out Expectations and What Actually Happens

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Staying active is essential to maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle, but let’s face it — working out can suck! And when you actually decide to start exercising, it’s easy to develop some lofty goals that aren’t very realistic. Listen, the first step to getting healthy is making the commitment to actually do it. So, if you’re at that point kudos to you! But don’t fool yourself — working out is tough:

1. Expectation: You’ll wake up early and go to the gym!



Reality: Must. Have. Sleep.

2. Expectation: Cute workout outfits!!

Reality: This shirt doesn’t smell too bad…that works!

3. Expectation: Zumba is your calling!

Gif Soup

Gif Soup

Reality: It’s not.

4. Or maybe yoga is what you were meant to do!



Reality: It’s really not.

5. Expectation: And speaking of yoga, maybe you’ll surprise yourself at how flexible you really are.

Reality: Your leg’s supposed to go WHERE?!

MRW Gifs

MRW Gifs

6. Expectation: After two days of exercising, you’ll already see drastic body changes.

Reality: This happens.

7. Expectation: All your friends will join your quest to get healthy.

Reality: When it comes time to go to the gym, everyone’s ‘busy.’

8. Expectation: With all the working out you’ll be doing, you can eat whatever you want!

Reality: Wait…you have to do HOW many crunches to burn off that bagel?!

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