These Makeup Brushes Will Make You Feel Just Like Wonder Woman

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In case you weren’t already aware, today is Equal Pay Day, which is a day that’s dedicated to raising awareness of the pay gap that exists between men and women in the workplace. That being said, female empowerment is at the forefront of our minds, today especially, but also every other day of the year, too!

As we all know, girl power reached all new heights in June of last year with the release of the DC superhero film, Wonder Woman, and we STILL can’t stop talking about how incredible it was. Not only were we obsessed with seeing a female lead play the role of an iconic and totally bad-ass superhero, but Gal Gadot quickly became one of our favorite actresses as a result.

So, how do we keep the streak of female empowerment and badassery going? Right now, a company called Bijou Blossoms is selling an amazing set of Wonder Women-inspired makeup brushes on their site and, TBH, we don’t know how we’ve gone all this time without them! Each individual brush in the five-piece set is decorated according to Wonder Woman’s iconic costume, so basically, every single one is beyond BEAUTIFUL. Take a look:

Wonder Woman Makeup Brushes

Bijou Blossoms

We told you they’re incredible! Not only will you feel as beautiful and fierce as Diana (A.K.A. Wonder Woman), but you’ll also have a shiny new set of brushes to add to your makeup collection. Plus, the entire set will only set you back $32, which is pretty affordable considering the fact that it comes with five different tools, including a fan brush, a spoolie, a smudge brush and two small angled brushes. What a deal!

That’s not all, guys and gals (pun intended)! The brushes also come with an adorable pink pouch and a cleaning tool, so that all of your brushes will remain in perfect condition. So get to shopping, Wonder Women! Something tells us these babies are going to sell out FAST!