Your Favorite Stars Boycott Twitter After Rose McGowan’s Suspension

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Everyone’s showing their true colors this week following all of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandals. In the midst of the chaos that’s rocking Hollywood — heck, the NATION — multiple stars are speaking out, as disturbed individuals who claim to have been in the dark, as victims of his assault and, yes, even as supporters of the medial mogul (though, that’s basically limited to Lindsay Lohan).

The one good thing to come out of all of this is that more and more female celebrities are telling their stories, either about Harvey or other men who abused their power. One such female who’s been vocal since the beginning is Rose McGowan. The Charmed alum was reportedly given a $100,000 settlement after she was raped by the now-65-year-old former head of The Weinstein Company in 1997… but she’s done being quiet about it:

Unfortunately, despite her willingness to speak up for herself, as well as other women, the 44-year-old actress was silenced by Twitter itself, after publicizing the disgusting details about Harvey, as well as calling out Ben Affleck for knowing about Harvey’s assaults and doing nothing about it. That’s right — Twitter temporarily suspended her.

According to the social-media platform:

Uhh… the President tweets about starting a nuclear war, but Twitter’s concerned about a phone number?? No, just… no.

Despite Twitter claiming to be “proud to empower and support the voices” of its users and boasting that it stands “with the brave women and men who use Twitter to share their stories,” the damage has already been done; Twitter silenced a woman at the worst possible time. So, they’re fighting back:

Today, Friday the 13th of October, women are rallying together & BOYCOTTING Twitter; many of those women are your favorite famous females:

And there are famous men who’ve joined in on the movement, standing behind their sisters:

Let this be a lesson for ya: WOMEN ARE FORCES TO BE RECKONED WITH.
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