Wizards of Waverly Place Creator Says a Reunion Movie Could Happen!

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These days, reboots and spin-offs are like incoming traffic in LA — they just keep on coming. Now, Disney fans have turned their attention toward the creator of Wizards of Waverly Place for a possible reunion film.

In an interview with the International Business Times, WoWP creator Todd J. Greenwald said that the content of the movie would definitely be mature. Think Demi Lovato‘s idea for an R-rated Camp Rock. “Definitely just not the same Wizards we’re used to,” Todd explained. “It’s the same characters, but it’s much more high-budget, mature and that would be cool. Definitely PG-13.”

As for what the plot would be, the show’s creator said it could revolve around saving the world. “Some big, end-of-the-universe thing that Alex and Justin would be saving,” Todd said. He also presented some questions that would need to be fleshed out if the reunion film were to move forward like if Justin is still at WizTech? Is Max still at the sub station? Do we even age it up and say that Jerry and Theresa got a divorce? These are all very valid questions.

Her wizarding days may be behind her, but that’s not to say Selena Gomez hasn’t toyed around with the idea of a WoWP reunion movie. “I didn’t think it was going to be that big of a deal when me and David [Henrie] were talking about it. But I understand,” she said on the Zach Sang Show. “I’m so proud of that. It was so fun, and it was so funny. We were just having dinner and talking about it hypothetically, where we would be. But we’re all older, David’s married now. So we’re in such different places in our lives.”

Although that may sound a little discouraging for those who are really excited about a potential Wizards movie, don’t lose all hope just yet! When asked if she would be down to be a producer on a possible reboot based on the next generation of Russo wizards, Selena said, “Oh, totally, come on. That’d be cool.” It’s not a movie, but any kind of reboot of Wizards would be amazing!