17x the Wizards of Waverly Place Cast Had a Reunion After the Show Ended

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Today marks a very important day in Disney Channel history. Today marks 10 YEARS since Wizards of Waverly Place first aired, and honestly we feel both old and emotional. It feels like just yesterday we were watching weekly updates on the Russo family and seeing what kind of mischief Alex got herself in.

WoWP was such an iconic TV series that it is still cemented in history as one of the best Disney Channel shows to ever be created. Not only did the series catapult Selena Gomez‘s career into the spotlight, but it also became the first, and currently only, Disney Channel show to win an Emmy Award since 1993.

We often look back at the series and remember all the times that Harper’s fashion choices were extremely unique or think about how maybe Alex Russo wasn’t the best influence. It’s crazy to think that when WoWP premiered, iPads weren’t invented yet and we were all freaking out over the newest Blackberry cell phone.

As much as the world has changed over the last 10 years, one thing has stayed the same: the WoWP cast members are still just as close as they were when they first started filming the show! We have seen the cast grow up together, and even saw them all come together to celebrate David Henrie‘s marriage!

We love to see how far the cast has come, especially when we realize how many other big-name stars also got their start on the popular program.

So, in honor of Wizards of Waverly Place officially turning double-digits, we rounded up all the times that the cast has reunited since the show ended in 2013. From award shows and red carpets to accidental run-ins and planned get-togethers, it’s clear that this cast has no plans to stay out of each others lives… and we are totally okay with that!