15 Hair Hacks That Will Help You Save Your Strands This Winter

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We love winter for the snowflakes and the sledding, the Christmas trees and the gift-giving — but we absolutely hate what it does to our hair. (We know hate is a strong word… and we assure you that we mean every bit of it). And why wouldn’t we? The sudden drops in temp always dry up our scalps and ramp up those split ends. Basically, anything bad that can lower the quality of our locks strikes in the winter. It’s a fact of life.

But, hey, we’ve all been there — and we’re all in this together. So here’s a little PSA. If you thought every hair issue was an inevitability this year, think again. We’ve scoured Pinterest just to make sure you’re equipped with the right line of defense. Dry hair? Check. We’ve got a mask for that. Split ends? We can help you tackle those, too. Static? Matted locks? Don’t worry for a second. With these healthy hair hacks, you’ll be just fine all the way through until spring: