30 Days/30 Dresses: Your Chance to Win The Perfect Prom Dress All Month Long

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Prom is a lot of things, but beyond the dress, the date, and the perfect makeup, the thing it’s most is….kinda expensive! Between prom bids and the limo and all your other expenses for the big night, we know it’s hard on any budget, nevermind one that relies on an after school job at the Gap.

But looking ferosh on prom night just got a whole lot easier, because for 30 days, we’ll be giving away 30 prom dresses!

Check out all the different dresses we’re giving away and enter for your chance to win!

Yep, that’s right: 30 Days/30 Dresses. So come back right here each day to see the new dress we’re giving away that day (we’ve got tons of styles!) and enter to win.

So, which of the dresses would you most want to wear on prom night? Comment below.