Say What?! Willow Smith Is Totally The Next Gaga

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Willow Smith has recently revealed that she wants to be as famous as Lady Gaga — and we’re pretty sure she’s well on her way. Why? Well, she’s touring with the just-as-famous-as-Lady-Gaga Justin Bieber starting in March, performing at the biggest New Year’s Eve celebration ever, and because, well, have you heard “Whip My Hair?”

Think Willow will whip her hair all the way to Lady Gaga fame?

She said:

“I would like to be a very well-known artist. I would like to be as big as Lady Gaga. I would like to be bigger. I’d like to be a big rock star. The hardest part is wanting to hang out with your friends when you have to work. My friends will come over and you’re recording and you’re like, ‘Pleeease let me go with my friends. I don’t wanna stay here!’ – but people are relying on you.”

Ha! So cute. Do you think Willow will be as famous as Gaga one day? Or do you think Willow should not compare herself to other artists and just be Willow?

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