Coolest Family Ever? The Entire Smith Clan Supports the Biebs, Too

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It’s a good thing the entire Smith fam showed up to Justin Bieber‘s Never Say Never premiere, because without them, there would’ve been like, no celebs there. We’re kidding, of course, since legitimately every one and their mom was there, but still, the Smiths, including Willow, Jaden and daddy Will showed up to support the Biebs. Uh, pretty sure they’re the coolest family friends ever.

And Will Smith is so cool to Justin, in fact…

He’s been helping him land movie roles! Justin told Access Hollywood:

“Will is definitely looking at different scripts for me and trying to develop stuff. The Smith family’s been really amazing to me and really supportive in everything I’m doing. Their family’s just really nice and really good people.”

Uh yeah, we’d have to agree.

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