Willow Smith Debuts Her First Ever Music Video for “Do It Like Me (Rockstar)”

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“When I take off my shades / Please don’t be shocked by my age / I’m taking over the game…” These were the lyrics that Willow Smith sang in her first recorded music video — NOT “I whip my hair back and forth.”

As we just learned, Willow made a fully produced video before the launch of her debut single, “Whip My Hair,” for her track “Do It Like Me (Rockstar).” She says via Twitter,

“This video is so old but I still love it … enjoy”

And on the video itself, she exclaims, “First video ever!!!”

Though not as choreographed or colorful as her most recognized track (since there’s a lack of tresses and paint involved in this one), Willow’s confidence still shines through the black-and-white/Instagram-like tints as she’s shown traveling across Paris, New York and parts of Asia.

Is it as fun as her other videos? You decide.

Willow’s album, Knees & Elbows, is set to drop this year (though the official release date has yet to be confirmed). What’d you think of her finally-released video? Are you ready for her CD to debut?

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