Morning Announcements: Willow Has a New Song and Miley Is Not Happy With Her Dad

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Finally, a new song from Willow Smith! When will “21st Century Girl” make its debut?! [RyanSeacrest.com]

Remember those rumors that Demi Lovato is dating Wilmer Valderrama? False. He says he’s still single! Awkward. [E! Online]

The top 24 has been revealed on American Idol! Do you like them? And, uh, do you care? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Which Teen Mom star has nude pics that leaked online? Hint: You won’t at all be surprised by this. [Popeater]

Miley Cyrus is not happy about her dad taking about her to the press. We’re pretty this is going to become one of those Michael/Lindsay Lohan situations. [People]

Have you seen the trailer for The Hangover 2?? No? Watch it now and get really excited for summer. [NY Mag]