Willow & Jaden Smith’s “5” Duet Lyrics Will Leave You Uncomfortable

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Willow & Jaden Smith 5 Duet Lyrics

Despite all the shocking things the Smith family does — like allowing young Willow Smith get her “tongue pierced” and Will Smith kissing son Jaden Smith smack on the lips — its members still find ways to get us uncontrollably cringing.

Most recently, siblings 13-year-old Willow and 15-year-old Jaden collaborated on yet another song — the first one at the beginning of 2013 — and, to put it bluntly, it’s inappropriate. Not only are they two young teenagers singing about smoking cigarettes, but they’re also crooning very romantic lyrics. (Note Jaden in the background smoothly stating “It’s all about her” multiple times. Bleh.) Don’t believe us, get a load of the incestuous words for their “5” duet here: