Beloved Girl Meets World Actor Reveals Shocking Childhood Abuse Details

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The life of a child actor is far from glamorous. While the idea of singing/dancing/performing starting at a young age may sound fun, working long hours can prove to be quite tough for anyone, so can you imagine how difficult it is for a kid? It’s not for everyone.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like William Daniels, the fan-favorite Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World and its Disney Channel spin-off, Girl Meets World, had a choice in the matter. According to his new memoir, There I Go Again: How I Came to Be Mr. Feeny, John Adams, Dr. Craig, KITT & Many Others, his mother, Irene Daniels, dragged him to endless auditions when he was quite young, along with his sisters. They’d be forced to perform on radio shows and TV throughout the entirety of the week, at all hours, receiving little to no compensation for their efforts.

Many decades later, when I started writing this book, I started seeing a psychologist, Dr. Estelle Shane, who suggested that I was an abused child,” he writes. “I was shocked to hear such a description — that I had been robbed of a normal childhood, forced to perform and put into situations that I had no control over. It was unhealthy, my doctor said, that I was unable to express my anger, my fears and my dread of knowing what was expected of me in the future.”

“Also hurtful was my mother’s failure to say ‘good job’ or ‘well done,’ compliments surely all children need to hear,” the now-89-year-old actor adds. “Mother believed, rather firmly, that children get ‘swelled heads’ if they had too much praise. It has taken me a long time to agree with this diagnosis. It is true that my sisters and I were the tools of my mother’s ambitions — her ambitions not just for her children, but for herself.”
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