‘Maze Runner’ Begins Casting, Will Poulter Offered Leading Role

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Are you ready for Maze Runner on the big screen? Deadline is reporting that film adaptation of the popular YA novel has begun it’s casting process, and they very well could have found one of its leads in Chronicles of Narnia star Will Poulter. According to the trade, the 20-year-old British actor as been offered one of the lead roles, though it’s not know which one. If we had to guess, it would be for the main character, Thomas.

Maze Runner was written by author James Dashner, and centers on a post-apocalyptic society where a young man named Thomas wakes up with his memory wiped. He then realizes he’s trapped in enormous maze with a large number of other young men in a community called The Glade, and soon learns they’re part of some kind of test. Thomas then realizes it’s his destiny to join the “maze runners” and lead them to freedom.

The film is scheduled to be released on February 14, 2014 with a lot of newcomers working on the project itself. Both the director (Wes Ball) and the person penning the screenplay have little to no big screen experience (Noah Oppenheim) but we’re sure that won’t stop the movie from being great!

And in case you want a little Maze Runner in real life right now, check out this video of Teen host Joey Graceffa recreating it himself!

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