Vampire Diaries Gossip: Will Elena Become a Vampire?

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Yowza! If this just-released new promo poster of The Vampire Diaries is any indication of what’s to come on the remainder of the season, it’s safe to say it’s going to be hot! (or, uh, cold?). We’ve been missing The Vampire Diaries since its hiatus last week, and it finally returns tonight (YES!). And guess what? We heard from some sources, that the rest of the season is gonna be as bloody juicy as ever!

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We all know that Katherine’s got a bit of a plan up those bell sleeves of hers, but we’re going to find out what exactly she’s up to this season. Finally! We’re also going to find out how and when Katherine became a vampire and, we can tell you that Elena won’t become one. At least not yet! Also, Jeremy is going to become a Scooby and things are going to be getting a little tricky for Bonnie.

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