Why I Love Going to Concerts with My Mom (and You Should, Too)

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I’ve often had friends bail on me a few hours before going to a concert, leaving me without anyone to go with and wondering, “Should I even go to the show now? I don’t want to go alone. Ugh.” When it’s a concert you’ve been looking forward to for months or an opportunity to see your absolute favorite band, this situation can be a huge bummer… BUT there’s always one person you can grab to go to a show with you: your mom.

My mom has always showed support and enthusiasm towards my love of music. As a fan of live entertainment herself, she is always game to be dragged to a gig, whether we’re seeing a pop artist or an underground punk band. I’ve learned that going to concerts with my mom can actually be just as fun as going with my BFFs and now it’s something we do together all of the time. Typically, my mom is more embarrassed being with me than I am being with her because of my uncontrollable fangirl screams and joyous dancing. But facepalm moments aside, concerts are always great when I go with my mom.

Going to a show gives us an excuse to get glam and splurge on a fun outfit. My mom is an excellent shopper and has a good eye for trends. We both look forward to hitting up the mall to put looks together, whether we are gearing up for a rock show or prepping for a flashy, Las Vegas residency. We just attended the Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life show and put together fabulous ’90s-inspired ensembles featuring glittery tops, chokers, metallic skirts, and platform shoes.

Jessica Norton

Jessica Norton

Although I am out of the poster-and-DIY-T-shirt phase now, my mom has always loved to help me make posters and T-shirts. She found portable glittery lights for my Taylor Swift signs (#TBT: the days of PRAYING you’d get noticed in the crowd and chosen for the Club Red or Loft ’89 afterparties) and always found the cutest iron-on letters to put on shirts. Her craftiness always helped make my zealous concert-ness look rad and I learned a lot from our time spent creating and designing together.

While my mom is very well-versed in music, I still end up dragging her to shows with bands and artists she is unfamiliar with. Creating a playlist to get her pumped has helped her get into some of my favorite bands. I curate a Spotify playlist and she gets familiar with their songs before the show. Most of the time she ends up becoming a big fan, which gives us more music to share and bond over.

Watching videos with my mom before concerts has allowed her to have a greater appreciation and understanding of the artist before the show. So before a Justin Bieber concert, watching his documentary, Never Say Never, was necessary. I also may have made her watch every single One Direction interview that is on YouTube before heading to the Where We Are Tour in 2014. She always enjoys getting a little background knowledge and learning more about the artists as people.

We use our concert outings as a time to take tons of photos — we are dressed up and looking our best, after all. I’ve learned to stop rolling my eyes and getting annoyed with her taking tons photos because she honestly provides the best candids for Insta and adorbs mom-and-daughter selfies for Facebook. The photos are always super sweet to look back on.

Concerts can be pretty brutal, especially ones during the summer or ones that are general admission standing room. It gets hot and you can go hours without any sort of relief, but your mom will be there to save the day and make sure you’re okay. My mom always leaves to grab me a water bottle or will save my spot in the crowd while I run to the bathroom. She also keeps snacks and emergency supplies (i.e. aspirin and Band-Aids) in her purse, which I am always very thankful for.

Having your mom around will keep you safe from anything strange, sketchy or wild going on at a show that might make you feel uncomfortable or nervous. Crowds can get a little cray and sometimes an authoritative mom figure has to step in. My mom has helped young girls at shows in situations in which they’ve been lost or sick and they’ve always been thankful that a “mom” was around to help and I’m always like, “Go Mom, that’s my mom!”

From rocking out to the Jonas Brothers and taking pics with Ke$ha, my mom has been a great concert buddy and I always look forward to attending shows with her. Your mom will cherish the time spent with you at a concert and I am very thankful for all of the good times I’ve had with mine.

Jessica Norton

Jessica Norton

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