14 Former Team 10 Members Explain Why They Quit the YouTube Crew

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YouTube (Jake Paul)

Staying on top of Team 10 is basically a full-time job — and not just because of how many vlogs these YouTubers post a day, but because of all the drama! It seems like every week some new negative story about Jake Paul and his crew starts circulating. Whether they’re bullying their own members, or writing super-shady diss tracks, these viral vloggers have proven that they’ll do anything for views.

We can’t help but think a lot of that has to do with Jake. He is their ringleader, after all, and he’s always at the center of these controversies. Most recently, a video leaked of him saying the N-Word multiple times at Coachella. And to put the cherry on top, he’s also related to the guy who thought it was okay to post a video of a man’s dead body, so… Thanks to that, Logan Paul is O-V-E-R, and while JP hasn’t done anything on THAT level of problematic, we think he’s following in his brother’s footsteps.

That’s probably why so many Team 10 members have abandoned ship recently. They’re getting out while they can! In total, Jake has already lost 11 members of his famed YT crew — and we bet there’s more than that came from. While we wait for another remaining Team 10er to duck out, we’ve rounded up all of the reasons why these YouTubers chose to in the past. Maybe it’ll give those remaining a little inspo…