Jake Paul Bullied the Martinez Twins So Bad, They Left Team 10

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While Team 10 used to be the PINNACLE of YouTube-clan success, it’s slowly but surely been declining in popularity. We’ve seen numerous members of the Jake-Paul led group leave over the past year, including Alissa Violet and Max Beaumont, and the latest to say their goodbyes are Emilio and Ivan Martinez, better known on YouTube as the Martinez Twins.

The 18-year-olds sat down to reveal ‘the truth’ about what happened while they were living in the Team 10 house and how the 20-year-old bullied them into packing their bags and leaving.

“[Jake] laughed at us for, like, eight months,” Emilio said in the new video. “You were mean to us for eight months. You bullied us for eight months. Now, it’s our time.”

The boys said that the former Disney Channel star only cared about getting views and making money for himself and although he promised at lot of things to them, he was generally heartless and mean. Jake allegedly pranked Emilio and Ivan every single morning, causing them to be fearful of their own living situations. When they asked him if they could move out, he said no, and instead told them they could build their own room.

But after they spent $3000 putting up a wall in the mansion, Jake took a sledgehammer and completely destroyed it while they were back in Spain visiting their family. The twins also say JP lied to them about opening a bank account in the United States and refused to let them send money to their mom. They also recalled how the blond would make fun of their accents, call them offensive racial slurs, and pretend not to understand what they were saying when they tried to talk to him. He also apparently refused to take Emilio to the hospital after a failed stunt caused him to break his foot.

Jake denies the former Team 10 members’ claims, however, writing on Twitter, “I promise on my life that I’ve been publicly backstabbed & betrayed more than any person I’ve ever met. Hate 2 play ‘victim’ & b soft but it is crazy 2 me. I just want 2 change peoples lives 4 the best. The truth always comes out & the great always shine through the lies.”

Team 10 also released a statement about the allegations.