13 Reasons Kids Movies Are Better Than Adult Movies

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As a kid, you see movie ratings like maturity benchmarks. You can’t wait to see a PG-13 movie without your parents wincing or acting weird about it — even better if you can watch something rated R! Ditching children’s movies for Real Adult Films is an aspirational boon that we all can’t wait to grab… except for the fact that we all forgot that kids movies are better than grown up movies. Oops. In the race to be mature, we all loudly declare some false statement like “cartoons are for little kids!” (to which, I’d like to say *cough* Bob’s Burgers *cough*) so that we can appear more grown up. Little do you know that cartoons can be for adults, too, and that children’s movies are sometimes more violent and deep than movies that aren’t intended for children. No, really, check this out.

As a card-carrying adult (the card in question is my driver’s license), I see movies intended for children and their families without bringing a child with me, frequently in the company of other adults. I even spent my hard-earned money on watching Rapunzel see her birthday lanterns for the first time. I maybe cried during that part of Tangled. Who’s to say? I’m hype AF for Moana. That trailer looks dope as hell and I want you to literally pretend not get excited about it. See? It’s impossible. Why? Because kids movies are way better than adult movies. Always have been, always will be. I know this is an unpopular opinion to have as someone who can drive and pay for her own car, but hey — let’s all own this truth together, shall we? If you disagree, I invite you to check out these 13 reasons why children’s movies are way better than grown up movies:

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