Chance Sutton Explains Why He Decided to Suddenly Quit Team 10

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Team 10 faced numerous hits last week when three OG members decided to quit within days of each other. Chance Sutton was one of the YouTubers who left the Jake Paul-led crew, and while he released a formal statement announcing his departure, he didn’t really explain his decision.

The 21-year-old took to his personal YouTube channel earlier this week to go into more detail about why he left Team 10 and what’s next for him.

“Why I left Team 10 was because I wanted to focus on myself more,” he explained. “I have my own goals and visions that don’t line up with everyone’s and so I took a step back and realized, what I think is the best path to achieve those goals and what I want for my future is by myself. I wanted to do something on my own, with my own legacy.”

“I just decided my path is just a little bit different than what the team’s is and that was my deciding factor,” he continued.

There was speculation that Jake’s dad, Greg Paul, caused Chance and the others to quit the group after Nick Crompton tweeted that he was verbally abusive to members in the past. But according to Chance, drama was not the reason for his departure at all.

He added, “There was honestly no crazy fight. There was no internal drama between me and anyone — those are my friends for years. It wasn’t an easy decision.”

Another big question that came up after Tessa Brooks‘ ex left Team 10 was about what would happen to the YT channel he shares with BFF Anthony Trujillo. The boys decided that Chance will keep the account for himself (it’s now just known as ‘Chance’) and Anthony will create another separate channel on his own.

Times are a’changing, people. Watch Chance’s full video explaining everything above.