The Real Identity of Riverdale‘s Black Hood Has Finally Been Revealed

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Riverdale tried to play us at the end of last year by saying Mr. Svenson was the Black Hood, but come on — everyone knew that couldn’t possibly be the case. It was eventually revealed that the creepy janitor was not, in fact, the murderer (*pretends to be shocked*), so that left us wondering who the heck he (or she??) could be.

Fans came up with tons of theories about the identity of the killer, but only one proved to be true. SPOILER ALERT: if you have not yet watched last night’s episode of Riverdale, PLEASE do not continue reading unless you want everything to be ruined. Mmmmkay? Mmmmkay. Now that we’ve cleared that up…drumroll, please!!!!

The Black Hood is none other than Betty’s dad, Hal Cooper!

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Actor Lochlyn Munro, who plays Hal, was actually not even told that he was the Black Hood until a few days before they shot episode 2×21.

“I had about four days to mentally become the Black Hood and figure out the backstory for Hal Cooper because I had never played him as the Black Hood ever,” the 52-year-old told ET. “So all of the sudden I found out that I was the Black Hood and saw this whole, like, home movie of his mom basically brainwashing him to lie about his dad doing some killings in Riverdale.”

So, what made him kill, you may ask? Hal was brainwashed by his mother when he was a child, so he grew up believing that “sinners need to die.”

Here’s the thing, though. You never know what exactly is going to happen on Riverdale, so there’s definitely a chance that Hal isn’t the only Black Hood. In fact, Lochlyn has suspicions about possibility, too.

“Am I the only Black Hood? Did I actually do those killings?” he questioned. “I never really confessed. Betty just told me what I did. I said, ‘What did I do?’ and she said, ‘You did this, you did this and you did this.’ I never actually told her any of those things, so I don’t really know.”

The season finale of Riverdale is next week, so perhaps we’ll get some answers before we have to wait until season 3 premieres.