Mystery Band Poses Huge Twitter Debate — Who is 4 Minutes Later??

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Hello, FBI? We have a serious situation and need your assistance. Back in March, a band called 4 Minutes Later (also stylized as Four Minutes Later, or FML) sent out a tweet that simply said, “#music coming this year.”

The next tweet from the mystery group didn’t come for another month, with slow trickles of information being pushed out over the course of the next several weeks. We’re not sure what happened, but suddenly 4ML is all anyone on social media can talk about, which is pretty frickin’ strange if you think about it because, oh, ya know, NO ONE EVEN KNOWS WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE!!!

The mysterious band could definitely be an up-and-coming act trying to hype up new music, but it could also be one of our old favorites.

“Some of you already know us, some of you are already following our personal accounts…,” @4mlmusic tweeted last weekend.

4ML literally refuses to give curious Twitter followers any information about the identity of its members, but did drop a cryptic teaser video yesterday.

You can’t make out much from the clip, but one fan reversed the audio and things got much clearer.

Which brings us to the main point that’s literally causing people to lose sleep at night — WHO THE F*CK IS 4 MINUTES LATER?!!?!?!?! People have lots of theories, including that it’s One Direction returning from hiatus, 5 Seconds of Summer trolling the #5SOSFam, Big Time Rush making a comeback, or even the Jonas Brothers confirming its reunion. Here are all the possibilities, according to fans: