6 White Characters Played by Awesome Latino Actors on Teen TV Series

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Asian actors aren’t the only ones taking on white characters — Latino stars are doing the same thing! Yes, just like Shay Mitchell & Janel Parrish on Pretty Little Liars, these celebrities with Brazilian, Colombian, Mexican and/or Cuban ancestries are redefining the backgrounds of their television characters. ’cause, hey, it’s the 21st century and diversity should be celebrated!

When people were fan-casting the leading lady of Freeform’s upcoming Famous in Love, Paige Townsen, many white redheaded actresses’ names, such as Sophie Turner‘s, were thrown into the mix. Eventually, Bella Thorne, who’s partially white but also partially Cuban, booked the gig. However, the Rebecca Serle book didn’t exactly say that Paige wasn’t any part Latina. For all we know, the character could have the same exact background as Bella. In these instances, however, TV characters who are specified (for the most part) white are portrayed by awesome Latino actors: