8 White Characters Portrayed by Awesome Asian Actors on Screen

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To say there’s a lack of representation in the media would be an understatement. Though we’ve come a long way — look at all the Disney Channel shows that feature a black actor as the lead! — we still have a looong way to go; that’s clear when you see how many times white actors portray Asian characters in movies, for instance; white actresses, too. Hearing names like Kyo Kusanagi, Hideo Kuze, Motoko Kusanagi, one would think you’d see someone of Asian descent pop up. Instead, though, those roles were filled by talents who dyed their hair darker, or were even CGI-ed to look like they could, potentially, have Asian ancestry. (As if.)

White-washing is very real, but, like we said, we’ve come a long way. When you think of the original Charlie’s Angels trio, there were three white women. But when the 2000 flick came out, it featured two white women, and — hello! — one Chinese woman! (Thanks for paving the way, Lucy Liu.) It’s been proven that you don’t need to look anything like your book character to have a great impact on fans. So, here are eight white characters portrayed by awesome Asian actors on TV and in movies, proving just the same: