7 Stars Who Were Slammed for the Same Offensive Thing… But Still Do It!

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Everyone loves to try new things: lipsticks, moisturizers, different practices from different cultures, you name it! One of the most popular “trends” today is sporting braids, cornrows or Afros that are very prominent in African/black culture. It’s such a bummer because members of different cultures who embrace that culture aren’t always trying to be offensive. They just really think it’s cool and that should be cool, right?

Well, that’s not always the case. The people who get crucified on social media for it are normally celebrities who are exposed to people from all over the world, like, all the time. However, they still don’t get a pass. It kinda works like this: If a black person can’t wear her natural hair and be a news anchor or something like that, a Caucasian, Asian or Middle Eastern person shouldn’t be able to wear their hair like that either, especially for fun… unless they’re cool with being roasted on Twitter!

Basically, if you aren’t Japanese, you shouldn’t wear a kimono, and if you’re not Native American, don’t you dare wear an Indian feather headdress — it’s called cultural appropriation. These stars know that, yet they still do it knowing that some people won’t agree with it. Here, take a look at the famous Caucasians who continue to appropriate black culture: