19 Whispering Ryan Gosling Memes That Totally Deserve an Academy Award

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Although Ryan Gosling didn’t take home the award for Best Actor at last night’s Academy Awards (congratulations, Mahershala Ali!!!), he still kinda won. At one point during the show, host Jimmy Kimmel surprised a group of clueless tourists by telling them they were going one place, but then opening the doors to the Oscars. We literally don’t know what we would do if we were suddenly standing in front of stars like Andrew Garfield, Viola Davis, Jennifer Aniston, etc., but we think it’d be something pretty darn close to what Vicky, one of the lucky guests, did when Ryan Gosling leaned in and whispered something in her ear. Can you even imagine????

We may never know what the 36-year-old actor actually said to Vicky, but the Internet has some pretty hilarious guesses.

1. So HE’S the culprit!

2. Don’t question it.

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3. LOL!!!

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4. Find the lie.

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6. SMH.

7. Whoa:

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8. Do they?

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9. The HORROR!

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11. He predicted the future:

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12. “I like anything you like.”

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14. Did he, though?

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16. Too much!

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17. What would Eva Mendes say???

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18. Don’t say that!!

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19. Come on!

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