Where Are They Now? Avan Jogia and the Rest of the Twisted Cast

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We’ve been hardcore stanning Avan Jogia since his days as Beck on Victorious and, TBH, we’re never going to stop. And although he hasn’t been on the small screen too much since the show went off the air, that’s all about to change. The 26-year-old has just been cast in the comedy show Now Apocalypse alongside Teen Wolf fav Tyler Posey. Yep, we’re shook!

But remember when Avan starred in the short-lived Freeform series Twisted? It may have only lasted one season, but we were obsessed with all the drama and intrigue. It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since the show first premiered! What has the cast, including AJ, been up to since? Here’s where they are now!