Where Are They Now? The Girls Who Left Pretty Little Liars‘ Rosewood

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Pretty Little Liars is all about the ladies. Seriously, we couldn’t imagine our lives without Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin and Aria Montgomery. Although the Liars are the main focal point of the show, there are way more actresses on the series than the main four. We know what you’re thinking, what about all the hot Rosewood men? True there are extremely good-looking men on this show, but we’re all about girl power.

Alright, so besides the badass women who are currently on the series (hello, Mona Vanderwaal anyone?), there have been a ton of ladies that have kicked butt throughout the five, now six seasons, of the show. To see what your fave former Rosewood ladies are up to check out the gallery below. Spoiler: Not all the girls listed are gone from PLL for good!

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