Where Are They Now? Disney Channel’s As the Bell Rings Cast

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Tumblr (loveforlovatogifs)

Tumblr (loveforlovatogifs)

FYI Demi Lovato was on another Disney Channel series before landing her own show Sonny With a Chance! If you’re a HUGE Lovatic then we know you already knew this fact, but those of you who forgot it was called As the Bell Rings. The Disney show only lasted two seasons, starting in 2007, but it was pure gold. Come on, anything with Dems in it has to be good.

The series, which took place in between classes, before the bell rang, duh, had a few other big names way before they were on Hollywood’s hotness radar. They had a future musician (no, not Demi this time), a now soap opera star and a few movie stars in their cast and they didn’t even know it. Trust us, this cast is pretty star studded. Check out who they are and what they’re up to now below.